Advanced Materials and NanoDevices

Advanced materials defined to refer all materials that represent advances over the traditional materials that have been used for thousands of years.  Advanced materials include, smart materials, semiconductors, biomaterials and nanoengineered materials. Advanced Materials Science is focused on the study of novel construction materials used in information technologies, accurate mechanical engineering, space engineering, medicine, and other fields. Nanodevices have an enormous impact to enhance control pollution, improve human health and longevity, produce food and energy conversion. These are critical enablers that will permit mankind to exploit the ultimate technological capabilities of mechanical, magnetic, electronic, and biological systems.

  • Advanced Engineering Materials
  • Advanced Functional Materials
  • Advanced Energy Materials
  • Advanced Healthcare Materials
  • Advanced Optical Materials
  • Advanced Materials Interfaces
  • Advanced Electronic Materials
  • Advanced Materials Technologies

Market Analysis: Phase Change Materials (PCMs) constitute the largest growing material type with a robust 20% CAGR in the global market for Smart Materials. The increasing application of structural products in applications, such as shipping and packaging, building resources, electronics cooling and energy storage would further propel demand for these materials. Piezoelectric Materials corner is the largest share of the global Smart materials market, accounting for a forecast 66% share in 2018. For More Details:

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