Bioinspired Materials and Systems

Bioinspired materials are synthetic materials whose structure, properties those of natural materials or living matter.  Bioinspiration is the advancement of new materials, structures and devices which are motivated by solutions originate in biological systems and biological evolution. Bio-Inspired Materials and Systems brings together a diverse group of complementary researchers with the goal of developing functional, programmable, and responsive materials for deployment in soft robotic systems.

  • Mechanically responsive materials across different length scales
  • Biologically inspired assembly of optical materials
  • Responsive bio-interfaces and surfaces
  • Dynamics of interacting cell-material systems
  • Bio-inspired Materials and Sensing Systems
  • Bioinspired materials and surfaces for green science
  • Biological and bioinspired materials
  • Bioinspired Materials for Medical Applications
  • Bio-Inspired Material Design and Optimization
  • Bioinspired self-healing materials

Market Analysis:  The Asia Pacific industrial fasteners market size was projected at $31.22 billion in 2017. The product plays an essential role in the largest part major industries, including shipbuilding, automotive, aerospace and industrial machinery. Rapid growth of these industries on account of increasing mechanization in residential and industrial construction is expected to propel product demand. For More Details: