Nanostructured and Structural Materials

Nanostructured materials are solid materials with at least one characteristic structural length in the order of a few nanometres.

Structural materials are used or studied mainly for their mechanical properties, as opposed to their optical, electronic, magnetic or chemical characteristics. This can include a materials response to an applied force, whether this response is elastic or plastic, hardness, and strength. A nanostructure is a intermediate size between micro and molecular structures.

  • Gradient multilayer nanofilm
  • Nanocages
  • Magnetic nanochains
  • Nanocomposite
  • Nanofabrics
  • Nanofiber
  • Nanoflower
  • Nanofoam
  • Nanohole
  • Nanomesh
  • Box-shaped
  • Nanoparticle
  • Nanopillar
  • Nanopin film
  • Nanoplatelet
  • Nanoribbon
  • Nanoring
  • Nanorod
  • Nanosheet
  • Nanoshell
  • Nanotip
  • Nanowire
  • Nanostructured film
  • Self-assembled
  • Quantum dot
  • Quantum heterostructure
  • Sculptured thin film
  • Nano WaterCube
  • fibre reinforced cementitious materials
  • Structural Mechanics

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