Spider Silk

Spider silk is a protein fibre that spiders spin. Spiders use their silk to construct webs or other structures that serve as sticky nets to catch other animals, nests or cocoons to protect their offspring, or to wrap up prey. They can also suspend themselves, float through the air, or glide away from predators by using their silk. For different purposes, most spiders vary the thickness and stickiness of their silk.

  • synthetic spider silk
  • Artificial Spider Silk Production
  • Mimicry of Spider Silk
  • Hagfish slime threads

Market Analysis:  Asia Pacific is expected to dominate the global synthetic spider silk market, accounting for more than 42 percent of the market in 2016, and to maintain market dominance throughout the forecast period of 2018-2025. For More Details: https://materialsscience.peersalleyconferences.com/tracks/spider-silk

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